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Peak Hawking brand identity

The owner of a new hawking and falconry experience venture were in need of a brand identity for their company.

The initial step I took was to research into the Peak District and find any iconic images I could use to represent the area. I decided to use the iconic Dovedale hills which are a kind of gateway to the Peaks and a bird silhouette soaring above these to represent the main nature of the business. The 'A' of Peak was raised above the rest of the letters to represent the peak of a hill allowing the name style logo to be used on it's own whilst still retaining an element of the brand.

As this is a current project I am in the process of developing the website which will be the main promotional avenue for the company. I have added an early screenshot of the Wordpress website above but this is not yet completed.



This project is currently under development

Peak Hawking

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