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RM Lightbox brochure (2011)

Client: RM Lightbox

A software brochure containing all of the software products developed and sold by RM Lightbox (using the new branding).

RM Assessment brochure

Client: RM Education

A brochure demonstrating how the RM Assessment product (Scoris) can benefit global schools and examining boards.

RM International brochure

Client: RM Lightbox

An International brochure (mainly US) showing RM Lightbox's range of software and hardware.

RM Lightbox brochure (2009)

Client: RM Lightbox

An earlier version of the RM Lightbox software and hardware brochure designed before the re-branding of the company.

Textease Studio CT

Client: RM Lightbox

A few examples of Textease Studio CT supporting literature that works alongside the software.

RM Easi range

Client: RM Lightbox

Here are a few examples of flyers, posters and promotional merchandise that I have created during the RM Easi brand rollout.


Client: RM Lightbox

Supporting collateral such as flyers, posters, booklets and promotional merchandise.

Honeycomb Tools

Client: RM Lightbox

Honeycomb Tools product supporting collateral such as flyers, posters and user guides.


Client: Moto-brox

A brochure promoting all of the motocross apparel for sale online and in the Moto-brox store in Derby.


Client: Reiki - Mind, Body and Spirit

I was asked to create a flyer for a new company that encapsulated the true meaning of Reiki.

Fuse Creator / Fuse Elements

Client: RM Lightbox

A smaller project which included the development of a promotional campaign and supporting product literature.

RM E-pad

Client: RM Lightbox

Supporting artwork for the RM e-Pad educational tablet including product guides and illustrations.